Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Family Search

I started using the new Family Search (currently only open for
editing by LDS members, but searchable by anyone).

This is the beginning of something really big in the genealogy
sphere. It's the beginning of a family tree for all people.

It will make it possible to work together on common ancestors.
So immediately when I enter my data about one of my ancestors
everyone else will be able to see this information and give
comments, dispute my information and so forth.

Some time in the future it will hopefully also be possible to
make direct links from records of an ancestor and the historical
document(s) which represents the source of the information on this

It's amazing to see how the Lord's work is brought forth through
the inventions in the field of computer science. Given that this
is also my profession it makes it really fun to go to work.

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